All about French interior decor

The French have historically known to dress and decorate their homes splendidly. It is something innate to their culture. They don’t even have to look at trends to decorate their homes. There are long established set of dos and don’ts. French homes confirm to a set of standards when it comes to interior designing. Nevertheless, no two French homes will appear the same on interior. French create a mix of traditional décor principles and certain dose of homeowner’s personality in it. You need some supreme confidence to do that. The interiors stay bold and sophisticated, though they follow simplicity in designing.

What are the guidelines?

  • Always leave a wall totally bare in your house. This wall makes the essence of whole design felt.
  • Never shy away from being bold and unconventional. It is healthy to pair curves with straight lines.
  • Put simple and natural fabrics like cotton, linen to better use.
  • Limit yourself on usage of frills, fringes, tassels and floral fabrics.
  • Accompany your Louis VX chair with minimalistic furniture. It helps making the former stand out.
  • As a rule of thumb, use a centerpiece element like large sized painting or giant furniture to up the ante.
  • Go more than the plain white paint for ceiling. It is something to be looked upon.
  • Always add a shiny overlay to your décor. Until then, the décor is never complete.
  • Decorate your bedroom for elegance and grandeur. Ensure, it is a pleasurable retreat at the end of the day.

French décor is more about the lifestyle

French décor gives more emphasis to the lifestyle. Things are built to accommodate your activity around the house. Even the aesthetics have a function to serve. The décor will reflect the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner.